Morning Must Reads: January 7

In the News: Sunni revolt in Iraq, how Republicans could win it all in 2014, Questions Behind John Kerry's Call for Peace, FBI Burglars Reveal Themselves, Income Inequality, and the Fiscal Cliff's potential comeback

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • In Iraq, a Sunni Revolt Raises Specter of New War [Washington Post]
  • The Big Questions Behind John Kerry’s Latest Push For Middle East Peace [TIME]
  • The Most Closed Congress in History: “Many have speculated on the forces that are driving the current polarization in Washington—from the rise of the Tea Party to the dominating influence of outside groups and a Republican majority in the House whose agenda is at odds with the views of the American people. However, it’s the manipulation of the legislative process itself that has enabled each of these forces to take root and grow.” [Politico Magazine]
  • Progressives Flunking Income Inequality Test [National Journal]
  • Puerto Ricans Flock North Away From Battered Economy [WSJ]
  • Faulty Websites Confront Needy in Search of Aid [NYT]
  • “I Do Not Trust Politicians”: An Interview with the Democrat Most Likely to Challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016 [Slate]
  • Republicans Really Could Win it All This Year [Politico Magazine]
  • 4 Reasons We Haven’t Seen the Last of the Fiscal Cliff [TIME]
  • The Burglars Who Took on FBI Abandon Shadows [NYT]