Obama’s Search for a Slogan

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The FT‘s Ed Luce notes that Obama hasn’t yet settled on one:

Nor has Mr Obama found a good catchline to frame his side of the story. Last year he picked the slogan: “Winning the future”. It quickly vanished. In his State of the Union address this year, he switched to “An America built to last” – and that was pretty much the last that was heard of it. He has yet to find a campaign theme that is built to last.
Don’t forget other road-tested slogans, like “a fair shot and a fair shake” from Obama’s December Osawatomie address. But is this a sign of a serious identity crisis? I suspect not. Obama has more than enough time to settle on a message. Voters will quickly grow sick of anything he comes up with, and we’re still more than five months from election day. Remember, Bill Clinton’s famous “Bridge to the 21st Century” line wasn’t unveiled until the 1996 Democratic convention.
Update: Chait says Obama’s got a slogan: “We Can’t Wait.” I’m not sure that the White House stresses that line enough in public for it to qualify, at least not yet. Anyway, the next few installments of jobs numbers are far more important than this sort of thing.