The Newt Inc. Campaign, Cont’d

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Check out this Iowa radio reporter’s account of a Newt Gingrich appearance there on Monday, and see if a theme jumps out at you. I’ll help with some bolding for emphasis:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich met privately with a small group shortly after noon here at Pella Christian High School… He’ll go on to a lecture at the University of Iowa, then this evening he and his wife will screen one of their films for a crowd in Cedar Rapids….

First question came from Vander Plaats, about the “two world views” in the coming election.  “our political elites and our news media elites really don’t want to have this conversation,” Gingrich said, referencing two of his films.  “The point of both movies is freedom comes from faith…”…Next question came from a student, about restructuring the “failing education system.”

Gingrich mentioned another book he wrote, with his daughter, Jackie, and touted his idea of giving grants to parents…

He mentions another of his books: Stop Paying the Crooks.  “Why should you tax money go to a crook?” Gingrich asked the crowd…..

Gingrich may still be determined to win the GOP nomination and defeat Barack Obama. But his continued campaign against what appear to be very long odds also seems consistent with someone looking to sell a bunch of merchandise.