Morning Must Reads: Full Court Press

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John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Dick Lugar hold a media availability to discuss the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. (Douglas Graham/Roll Call)

–President Obama is running the full court press for lame duck ratification of START.

–The national security right jumps all over the Ghailani verdict. Sentencing still to come.

–Philip Klein argues the Republican presidential nomination is Mitt Romney’s to lose.

–Ron Wyden laments being a nice guy, tries to coin the phrase “tax earmarks,” and more in an interesting chat with Dave Weigel. His tax code overhaul was one of three big-picture revenue options in the Simpson-Bowles draft.

–Dick Lugar remains very popular in Indiana. Of course it’s a primary, not a general election, he has to worry about.

–Reid says he’ll bring Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to a vote next month.

–Kate recaps Don Berwick’s brief, theatrical appearance on the Hill.

–Ezekiel Emanuel sketches out Obama’s global health goals.

–The conservative outcry over quantitative easing has put the Fed on very political ground.

–Two pessimistic takes on the GM IPO: The American Spectator and NPR.

–EU banks may skirt the Basel III leverage ratios. The U.S. had enforcement pre-written into Dodd-Frank.

–And Sharron Angle got debate prep from John Ensign and praised policies of Augusto Pinoche. Still, Harry Reid’s long game was something to marvel at.

What did I miss?

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