Forget Foreign Money, Here Come the Beck Bucks

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I have a story online today (and in the print edition, where it looks prettier!) about what’s behind Obama’s showdown with the Chamber of Commerce. Most Swampland readers will know that the recent public fight between Obama and the Chamber–which is running $75 million in political ads this year, the vast majority of them supporting Republicans and attacking Democrats–has revolved around the question of the Chamber’s undisclosed donors and whether contributions from foreign sources are commingled with its political funds.

But now comes a new wrinkle: Glenn Back is calling on his radio listeners to give big to the Chamber, and says he’s ponying up $10,000 of his own money.

This comes shortly after the news that American Crossroads, the biggest independent GOP group advised by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, has raised $13 million since President Obama singled out that outfit as well. Democrats do face a quandary in which their attacks on these third-party groups may only help raise their profiles and inspire wealthy conservatives to give them support.

The WSJ reported yesterday that Crossroads is preparing a $50 million ad blitz to help Republicans win back the House.