Today’s Health Care Checkup

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Here’s the latest on the prospects of health care reform:

* President Obama is still publicly pushing hard for reform.

* According to Greg Sargent, the White House wants the House to pass the Senate bill, with a reconciliation fix.

* But then again, Republicans may have found a way to filibuster reconciliation.

* There is not much political help or harm to Democrats if they actually do pass a final bill. Critics of the legislation say this is proof the plan is not worth passing. Supports say its proof the Democrats should pass it.

* Lobbyists are still focused on health care reform, if only because they are worried that without it, their industries could face even larger cuts.

* While comprehensive reform remains stalled, Nancy Pelosi is trying to set up a politically winning health care vote, any vote, for her Democratic members.

* And, not related to reform in an obvious way I can think of, but use the Wii Fit balance board with caution.