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More Like This, Pls.

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Sully on David Souter. I do find that Souter falls into a certain category of public servant that I admire tremendously–members of the no-bull caucus. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is certainly one of those, as is his mentor Brent Scowcroft. I think OMB Director Peter Orszag is, too. (Which is why, I’ve been told, the President is a big fan of both Orszag and Gates.) These people are not prima donnas. (As opposed to, say, Arlen Specter, who used to be notorious for requiring the foreign service to provide him with a squash court and partner whenever he traveled overseas.)

You can be a great public servant and not be humble to the point of eccentricity, as Souter is. But there is something bracing about politicians and other hotshots who just don’t let it go to their heads. Are there any nominations for the no-bull caucus from the commentariat?