Obama’s Vatican Ambassador Rejected? No.

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I’d missed this until now, but apparently the trustworthy folks at Newsmax have been circulating a report claiming that the Obama administration has submitted three separate ambassadorial candidates to the Vatican for approval and each has been rejected for being “insufficiently pro-life.”

You’ll be shocked to learn this is not true. But oh how perfect it must have sounded to the Newsmax crew when they put out the story. Everyone knows Democrats aren’t pro-life. And now Obama can’t even get a Vatican ambassador approved–because there’s not a single pro-life Catholic in the Democratic Party!

Unfortunately for them, John Thavis at Catholic News Service actually called over to the Vatican to ask about the rumors. Here’s what he found:

Vatican sources said not only was the report inaccurate, but that its premise was faulty. The Vatican has not been in the habit of vetting the personal beliefs or ideas of candidates before accepting them as ambassadors, they said.

There have been occasions in the last two years when the Vatican has objected to ambassadorial candidates — from Argentina, in the case of a divorced Catholic with a live-in partner, and from France, where the candidate was an openly gay Catholic in a union with another man.

“For Catholic ambassadors, there is the question of their matrimonial situation. But outside of that, I don’t think there are other criteria,” said one Vatican source.