I Voted!

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So I was talking to a friend about how excited I was to be voting today: It’s actually going to count! Even though I live in DC! And my friend says, “DC is, like, 60 percent black. Obama’s gonna win. That doesn’t count.”

I understand that the results are likely a foregone conclusion, but to say that means African-American votes somehow don’t “count,” or that their votes counting mean mine doesn’t…. on Lincoln’s birthday of all days… sheesh.

That said, my precinct is (Obama endorser) Adrian Fenty’s old district, and I doubt if it’ll be real close.

Random observation: They had one touch screen and eight paper ballot booths, there was a line for the touch screen and open paper ballot booths. I took a paper ballot, mainly to save time — I do wonder why people were so eager to use the shiny new machine. Because it’s shiny?