campaign finance

The Return of Karl Rove

When Karl Rove left the Bush White House in 2007, he was a battered figure. The President whose two elections he had engineered had become unloved by all but die-hard Republicans. Democrats had won back control of the Congress, …

What’s Ailing Democratic Super PACs?

The New York Times takes a good look today at Democratic super PACs and their continuing fundraising troubles, tracking down various donors and cash-wranglers to find out where the problems lie. The answers are pretty interesting: There’s run-of-the-mill policy disagreement and radio silence from George “Not Much Difference Between …

Campaign 2012, Where Old Media Is New Again

We live in the age of the iPhone, yet the 2012 presidential campaign has so far been run on Betamax. In the Republican primary, new media and mobile technologies are next to incidental, subsumed by a nostalgic embrace of a technology that was cutting edge in the 1960s: television.

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