How Divided Are the Dems?

If all you had seen was last Saturday’s DNC committee meeting, you would think that this is a party broken beyond repair. And the polling has some ominous signs as well. But as Michael Duffy notes in this story for, this is hardly out of the ordinary at the end of a long primary fight:

It is true that between 25 and 45 percent

UPDATE:End in sight?

Obama apparently thinks so. This morning’s NYT adds more fuel:

Sensing an opportunity to shut down the nominating contest, Obama campaign advisers said that they were orchestrating an endorsement of Mr. Obama by at least eight Senate and House members who had pledged to remain uncommitted until the primaries ended, and that the

In the Arena In the Arena

What Happens Next

Yankton, South Dakota

As Karen points out below, there are all sorts of signs and signals beginning to leak out that the end of the Clinton campaign is in sight, although on the flight here from Rapid City, Clinton’s spokesman Mo Elliethee tried his best to bat them all down.

But, if Hillary Clinton wants to have any shot at the vice …

Lieberman – Warner Bill on Global Warning

Perhaps the most underplayed story of the day is the Lieberman-Warner bill being considered on the Senate floor this week. This is the first big piece of global warming legislation the Senate has weighed since Lieberman’s last version of this, co-authored with John McCain (thus earning the staff nickname McLieberman), went down in …

A Webb Audition?

Speaking of Virginia politics, Jim Webb is frequently mentioned as a possible running mate for Barack Obama. Like Obama, Webb is a freshman Democratic Senator. But Webb’s resume is anything but light: Naval Academy grad, Marine Corps officer, Vietnam vet, recipient of the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple …

Kill Them!

I’ve been wondering why the White House seems happy to fan the McClellan flames — and presumably the book sales. Today brings a withering op-ed “open letter” from former colleague Trent Duffy, and Friday, Bob Dole stepped out of third person long enough to call McClellan a “miserable creature” without the “guts to speak up or quit if …

Crack-up in the Old Dominion

Well, we knew things had evolved in Virginia, state of my forebears, when in November 2006 Jim Webb ousted George Allen from the Senate and crushed in its infancy Allen’s “frontrunning” 2008 presidential campaign. And we knew when the popular former Democratic governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, decided to run for Senate in 2008, that he …

In the Arena In the Arena

Kristol’s Right

Bill Kristol’s Times column today raises a real problem for Democrats, a problem that has existed since Vietnam in some quarters of the party–he’s absolutely right that Barack Obama, when touting public service, should have mentioned the U.S. military. Indeed, Obama should go farther than that. He should do what John Kerry was going to …

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