Nevada Health Care Forum: Edwards Answers “The Question”

Karen phrased it about as tactfully as she could, but she did just ask Edwards, “Can voters trust you to be in it for the duration?” To which Edwards replied, “We’re in it for the duration.”

A more important response came later, when he pointed out that he and Elizabeth are lucky: “A lot women who have cancer don’t have a choice. A lot …

A Question for Mr. Kinsley

Is it a “scandal” yet?

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved plans to fire several U.S. attorneys in a November meeting, according to documents released Friday that contradict earlier claims that he was not closely involved in the dismissals.

Re: Re: The Edwards Question

I’ve been reading the reaction to the story I wrote yesterday for about John and Elizabeth Edwards’ announcement. Ana’s most recent post is particularly compelling. And many Swampland commenters have written very thoughtful responses and raised a lot of interesting and important questions. This is a thorny, difficult topic that …

Be Well, Tony

WH Spokesguy Snow will be hospitalized as part of an “aggressive” response to a potential re-emergence of colon cancer.

He said Friday that tests since the growth was discovered have been negative, but that doctors decided to remove it to be sure.

“Please do not leap to conclusions about this because we don’t know what this is,” Snow

Iraq Timetable (with Pork on the Side?)

Anti-war* Democrats (and Republicans) have their deadline: September 2008. A Democratic strategist I spoke to on Wednesday told me that the bill, ultimately, could be very bad for Ds: “They should have kept it clean.” (Meaning, just a vote on the timetable, without the sweeteners.) But this person also though the bill wouldn’t …

Re: Politics, Lies, and 93 v. 8

I agree with Mike’s characterization of this admin as being “comically mendacious,” and with the idea that just because something is absurd doesn’t mean it’s not serious. But I’ve got to quibble with this assertion that the bad actors in this case should be held to account by “electoral politics — punish liars by voting against them.” …

What A Day, What A Day for an Auto-da-fe

At the Los Angeles Times, the self-destruction continues. The editorial page editor, Andres Martinez, was driven to resign yesterday over the discovery that his girlfriend works for a PR firm used by a Hollywood producer who was invited to be a guest editor for an opinion supplement called Current. (Got that?) The suspicion is that …

Re: Re: The Edwards Question

I’ve been thinking really hard about Jay’s points from his piece yesterday. His argument initially struck me as interesting — even a good point — because it was so different than almost any other piece I’d read after the announcement; it was largely an examination of the baldly political consequences rather than a reaction to the press …

In the Arena In the Arena

Good Advice

For Democrats, from David Ignatius. I’d add that Congressional Democrats had best be careful of symbolic battles–however worthy–against the Bush Administration. They’d be better advised to step out with positive alternatives on issues life Health Insurance, Global Warming etc–pass them and challenge Bush to veto them–rather than …

Politics, Lies, and 93 v. 8

David Brooks has an excellent column today, and not for the usual reasons that liberals praise Brooks (and he drives conservatives crazy): because he comes halfway toward us. It’s because, in discussing the US Attorneys story, he nails a distinction that I, at least, was struggling with. (This is undoubtedly because I’m old and used …

Re: The Edwards Question

Husband just asked me what I think of the Edwards’ decision. I don’t know anyone who is not a member of that family can speak to the actual wisdom or merits of their choice (is there anything more personal?) but I can say what I felt when I heard the news: It felt right to me. It sounded true to both John’s and Elizabeth’s beliefs. And …

In the Arena In the Arena

Today’s Alterman–Continued

Several readers have wondered why I’m wasting my time with Eric Alterman. (Here’s today’s attack on me, by the way).

Here’s why: I’ve noticed that a fair number of readers have, shall we say, a slightly inaccurate impression about who I am and what I care about. Where do they get these ideas? From intellectually dishonest bloggers like …

The Edwards Question

Jay has a slightly counterintuitive thought on the Edwards announcement:

John said that when the two of them were alone, Elizabeth was concerned about everyone but herself—her children, her husband and her country, in that order, but not herself.

He clearly meant it to be inspiring, but there is also something discomfiting about that

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