Today on the Trail: Richardson swings through the Koreas

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re inaugurating a daily rundown of significant campaign events, compiled by Katie Rooney. Every day, one event will be highlighted, the rest given some context. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to make “Today on the Trail” better, please let us know in the comments section.

Democratic presidential candidate Gov.

McCain Does a “Full Cheney”

Over at Slate, our former TIME colleague John Dickerson writes that John McCain’s speech today may indeed have been a turning point:

What’s new here is obviously not McCain’s unhedged support for the war. He’s talked about that at length. What makes this speech different is the full-force, no-caveats attack on his opponents. It went

Discomfited, Again

Yes, if Fred Thompson jumps into the race for president, the decision would discomfit* me. He has cancer; he has two small children. I would wonder about Thompson’s priorities. Every candidate makes sacrifices when he or she runs for president, and many would-be candidates decide against running because they feel the sacrifices, …

Regarding Imus

I’ll have some more fleshed-out thoughts on the matter in the magazine this week, but for now, since many people have asked: No, I won’t be going on Imus anymore. Having said that, it’s not like they’ll be inviting me back.

Over There Over Here

This guy I know has another whip-smart piece in the New York Observer this week; this one is about the Orwellian fake debate the Rs tried to gin up last week over Ds decision to use a more specific phrase than “the global war on terrorism” in appropriations language:

Fox News producers got in on the act, as only they can, tossing out a

Fred Thompson

In the old way of doing things, people who were thinking seriously about running for President–from FDR, to JFK, to Paul Tsongas–kept their health problems secret. But these days, candidates know that bad news rarely stays secret, and that it’s best to get it out themselves. That’s why everyone I’ve talked to in Republican circles is …

In the Arena In the Arena

More on McCain

Just read an advance text of McCain’s Iraq speech and–sorry, Ana–he gives absolutely no quarter. In fact, there’s a fair amount of cheesy Democrat-bashing amidst the high-minded, continuing support for the war and defeat of the terrorists and all that. (No surprise there: this is a speech directed primarily at the Republican base, not …

Re: A McCain Moment

Last night at our regular edit meeting/wine tasting hour, there was much discussion of McCain and a theory was floated: The man is uncomfortable being anything but the underdog. Too much success and he gets to feeling guilty and uncomfortable. This hypothesis leads to two different predictions, each of which got some support last …

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