Tim Griffin Moves On

From Arkansas comes the sound of another shoe dropping in the Justice Department scandal. Via Amanda Terkel at Think Progress, the Arkansas Times is reporting that Karl Rove protege Tim Griffin has resigned as interim U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Griffin got the post after previous U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins was …

I Have Nothing to Add

Thanks to Jonathan Chait for reading the Corner so we don’t have to. He catches Mark Steyn piously bemoaning the state of political debate:

I respect the President and I appreciate that his sincerity on this issue has been obvious for his entire political career. But I don’t think he should impugn the good faith of those who, equally

Just a Pinch Between Your Teeth and Gum

Thanks to the commenter that reminded me about the NYT piece on the torture report released this month. It’s sobering but not surprising reading for those that have been following the debate, most succinctly summed up by University of South Florida professor Randy Borum, “There’s an assumption that often passes for common sense that …

Right Said Fred

People all over are weighing in on how Fred Thompson’s entry into the GOP race will affect other campaigns. I continue to believe that he’s the Wesley Clark of the right and will flame out rather quickly, once he realizes that running for president requires more of him than sitting in an overstuffed leather chair dispensing gruff wisdom …

Hillaryland for Two

It doesn’t exactly make me comfortable that the New York Observer is making an implicit analogy between the Clintons’ marriage and my own, but the stunt of having my husband and I me* both review Carl Bernstein’s Hillary book at least gave me my first ever MSM cover story. And our reviews are very, very different.

*Thanks, Louise. You …

In the Arena In the Arena

Obama Down

In Bob Shrum’s book, he correctly claimed–in a sea of incorrect allegations–that I razzed John Kerry for his failure to propose a universal health care plan. I plead guilty as charged. I razzed Bill Bradley and Howard Dean about that, too…and it’s always the same issue: About 1/3 of the 45 million people who don’t have health …

Immigration Reform, We Barely Knew Ye

So, during last week’s McCain blogger conference call, while some of (ahem) were chattering about cat-fights and small varmint guns, some news happened. Policy news! Blogger Ed Morrissey asked the Senator about the administration’s request to keep the collection of illegal immigrants’ back taxes out of the requirements they must meet …

Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan

Here’s the story I wrote on it for TIME.com. Since I filed that story, I’ve heard from rival campaigns attacking it, mostly on the grounds that it does not guarantee universal coverage. To their credit, the Edwards campaign is willing to go on the record. This from Edwards spokesman Mark Kornblau:

John Edwards has a detailed plan to

In the Arena In the Arena

Today in Iraq

This is how diplomacy works. Not much happens. Not much happens. Not much happens. Then something does…so it’s a good thing that the US and Iran are talking in Baghdad, even though not much happened yesterday. But do I detect a buried lede here?

Underscoring the crux of the security problem here, a suicide bomber detonated a truck

One Veteran’s Story

I’m in Davenport, Iowa, where Barack Obama gave a Memorial Day speech last night to a group of local veterans. The candidate and the speech were fairly flat, due at least in part to the fact that he had just flown in from a full day of campaigning before big crowds in New Hampshire, including a rally at Dartmouth that drew an estimated …

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