Rural Votes Are the Key to the Kingdom

Rural Votes Are The Key To The Kingdom

I think Dee Davis, President of the non-partisan Center for Rural Strategies, perfectly summed up the importance of rural vote yesterday in his findings in their new poll (which is linked in a couple places on this site).

“The rural vote determines presidential elections,” said Dee Davis, …

Beware the Blogger’s Bile, The Podcast

Joe and I discuss his last column here.

Names are named (Glenn Greenwald) and Joe’s reporting techniques analyzed.

UPDATE: Sorry I don’t have a transcript. I think those of you who enjoy scrapping with Joe will enjoy this episode just as much as his posts and columns, however. He does admit he hasn’t read the comments in the thread …

The Rural Juror

Swamp cyber-neighbor Justin Fox looks at rural America wonders who, exactly, is there left to “liaise” to?

I could only find four states where rural residents are in the majority: Vermont, Maine, West Virginia and Mississippi. The latter two look to be on the verge of flipping to majority urban, which would leave a couple of New England

Romney: Name that Tune

Jonathan Martin over at Politico catches the candidate whose last job was running the state of Massachusetts exposing an inexcusable lack of familiarity with a Boston Red Sox tradition.Of course, Romney would just as soon not remind GOP voters of his last job, so maybe he was faking it!

Go-go Gonzo

Our new colleague Jay Newton-Small on yesterday’s failed attempt to hold a “no confidence vote” on Alberto Gonzales:

Does failing to pass a no-confidence vote mean that the Senate really has confidence in embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales?

Actually, no.

“A lot of senators felt strongly that this was a meaningless resolution

Now That I Have Your Attention…

Many of you have asked about how Democrats can get through the culture of the South and the Heartland…God, guns, gays, and race. Since I have been stereotyped (by some) as a racist over the last 12 hours or so, let’s start with the racial wedges that the Republicans have used against us. For those of you who have questioned me on …

Bubba Ain’t Happy With the Republicans Poll

I’m moving on. You guys are tough. I sincerely hope we can all agree on this post. It has to do with all Democrats’ common goal… winning a Presidential election. The non-partisan “Center for Rural Strategies” released their new national rural poll today, and it’s definitely good news for us. As we are all painfully aware, the …

Rather Fred Than Dead

I agree with Jason Zengerle’s assessment of the RADICAL NEW APPROACH that the Fred Thompson team will be taking:

He spends his days raising money and assembling an increasingly sophisticated campaign operation. His advisers hold daily conference calls to discuss issues and to craft a schedule that includes visits to states with early

In the Arena In the Arena

More on Sentencing

Well, Ana–at least you’re honest about it: You want Scooter in jail because vengeance is so satisfying. I agree…although my sense of an appropriate punishment for Libby–emptying bedpans at Walter Reed–seems so much more metaphorically apt. (I also remember, with fondness, the competition in your former incarnation, as Wonkette, for …

The End of Friday Gilbert-Blogging?????


Arenas said Saturday that the knee injury he suffered in April and the recent birth of his second child has led him to view his financial future in a different light. “It’s very important that I secure my future,” Arenas said. “Next summer, I will be in a position to sign a contract that will give me 12 solid years in this

In the Arena In the Arena

Today in Iraq

Well, more details from Anbar via the NY Times today. This isn’t quite the shock it would seem, especially since General Odierno said last week that 12,000 Sunnis had joined the Iraqi military out in Anbar, and as we know, the Iraqi military and the Iraqi militias are first cousins, or closer.

But it is confusing from a strategic point …

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