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Brits Do it Too

They can be every bit as duplicitous about Iraq as the Bush Administration. I think this bit about the rationale for leaving Basra now is particularly hilarious:

Defense Secretary Des Browne cited an improving security situation in Iraq and the increasing ability of Iraqi forces and government institutions to handle their own security.

Re: Dr. Rudy’s Misdiagnosis

Rudy’s campaign has taken an interesting tack in pushing back against the charge that his radio ad got the facts wrong: They may be incorrect statistics, but they’re HIS incorrect statistics.

β€œThe former New York City mayor is an avid reader of City Journal and found the passage in the article himself.”

I guess that’s a slight …

SCHIP: The Latest

This exclusive from the AP’s David Espo and Chuck Babington suggests the White House and the Democratic leadership are not getting any closer on legislation expanding children’s health insurance:

WASHINGTON (AP) β€” President Bush told Republican lawmakers on Tuesday he will not agree to legislation expanding children’s health insurance

Dr. Rudy’s Misdiagnosis takes Rudy Giuliani to task for a radio ad in which he claims his prostate survival chances, 82% in this country, would have been only 44% under England’s “socialized medicine” system:

We tracked down the source of that number, which turns out to be the result of bad math by a Giuliani campaign adviser, who admits to us