Ed Rendell

In the issue of dead-tree TIME that hits the newsstands tomorrow, I’ve written this story on Hillary Clinton’s biggest backer–and most formidable weapon– in Pennsylvania.

It includes this criticism of how the media is doing its job:

In a recent appearance on Fox News—not exactly considered friendly territory for the Democrats—he


A kind reader raised a good question about my “Bloggingheads” stare-down with Glenn Greenwald. Looking back, I agree I was a little too blase about BBQ-Style coverage of politics. Though there is a more appropriate food-based metaphor available! He’s kindly allowed me to reproduce our discussion here.

Key quote:

The media marketplace is

McCain Camp Calls Obama “Dishonest” UPDATED THRICE!

IN FLIGHT–Air McCain is officially flying on a week-long bio-tour, intended to reintroduce the candidate to America, as a man shaped by service and country. But as McCain’s charter flight hopped between Maryland and Florida Wednesday, his advisers left no doubt that the general election has already begun.

“The lofty rhetoric,” said …

In the Arena In the Arena

Too Many Kagans, Too Little Knowledge

Fresh from his assertion that the Iraq civil war was “over” a week ago, here’s Fred–plus added bonus attraction Kimberly–Kagan reinforcing their profoundly warped view of Iraq in the Weekly Standard. There are several truly disingenuous, and flat out misleading, things here:

1. The promulgation of the myth that Maliki’s Folly was to …

The Yoo Memo

We have known for some time the general contents of the 81-page memo offering a legal rationale for extreme interrogation techniques that John Yoo of the Justice Department wrote and sent to the Pentagon’s top lawyer on March 13, 2003. We’ve known that it proclaimed the President of the United States to be almost entirely above the law …

Obama Looks For The Philly Union Label

I don’t want to make too much about size. But Obama’s room at this Pennsylvania AFL-CIO conference is a third larger than Clinton’s, though this room is much airier – Clinton’s was packed cheek-to-jowl.

Obama did his best to get the crowd “Fired Up and Ready to Go.” He even told that Greenwood, South Carolina story at the …

Another Big Endorsement for Obama

We have often argued here in Swampland over whether endorsements really “matter.” But some of them have meaning that goes beyond whether they actually move any votes.

Back in the latter half of the Reagan era, when I was a brand-new reporter to Washington covering Capitol Hill, the Speaker of the House’s press secretary–an excitable …

In the Arena In the Arena

100 Years War

The problem with John McCain’s 100 years in Iraq formulation isn’t that he’s calling for 95 more years of combat–he isn’t–but that he thinks you can have a long-term basing arrangement in Iraq similar to those we have in Germany or Korea. That betrays a fairly acute lack of knowledge about both Iraq and Islam. It may well be possible …


McCain gave the second of six speeches in his “Service to America” tour here at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. The content was familiar to anyone who’s paid even mild attention to the candidate, which means it was probably totally new to the audience he gave it to: the current students of EHS. Apparently, the guy believes in

Bowling For The Presidency

Hillary kicked off the press conference she just had with an April Fools gag:
“I just want to take a moment to say that this has been a very hard fought race each of us is drawing enormous support. We clearly need to do something,” she said in a somber tone. “Today I am challenging Senator Obama to a bowl-off, a bowling night right …

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