Michael Steele, Liz Cheney and the Carnival of Buncombe

National politics is a circus, a carnival, a battlefield, a 24-7-Drudge-Cable-Politico mudfest–and yet still, somehow, serious adults find a way to run the stuff.

Think about the terribly boring suits in the Congressional leadership, on K Street or in the best White House offices. It has always been thus. Think too about the past …

2010 as 2006 (or 2008) again?

If House Dems had their way, it would be. Democratic observers have taken delighted note of the increasing number – three in the last week – of former GOP members running for their old seats. “Not only did President Bush and Congressional Republicans create the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but now a bunch of …

Health Reform: The Issue to Watch

With the House returning to session tomorrow, the final stretch of negotiations over health reform begins in earnest. While there are plenty of differences to be worked out between the House and Senate bill, the so-called “Cadillac tax” is emerging as the main flashpoint. Here’s a brief story I wrote on this for

UPDATE: Health Reform and the States

As Karen noted earlier today, she and I have a story in this week’s magazine about how much states will be on the hook if and when federal health reform passes.

The impetus for the story was, in part, the growing number of governors across the country publicly slamming the idea of expanding insurance coverage to millions of …

Health Reform and the States

Although the battle over passing health reform is being waged here in Washington, the front lines for implementing whatever passes will be the states. In the new issue of the print magazine, Kate Pickert and I look at what that means.

The latest evidence of the Governors’ growing concern about what lies ahead came in the State of the

The Health Care Dealmaking: Will We See It On C-SPAN?

Remember this promise by candidate Barack Obama during the presidential campaign?:

But the last point I want to make has to do with how we’re going to actually get this plan done. You know, Ted Kennedy said that he is confident that we will get universal health care with me as president, and he’s been working on it longer than I

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