Pelosi On Clinton

At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this morning Nancy Pelosi was asked about sexism in the Democratic primaries. The highest-ranking woman to ever win U.S. public office seemed a little taken aback. “Is there sexism? Probably so. Is it responsible for the defeat? I really wouldn’t have the scientific knowledge – all of the …

Lieberman’s Liberation

Story today on Lieberman’s slow separation from the Democratic Party.

One detail that didn’t make it into the story:
Anyone looking for a hint at where Joe Lieberman’s loyalties lies need go no further than the foyer to his Senate offices. There the Connecticut Independent has a proud display of photos of himself with U.S. …

The Heat in Washington

It’s an unseasonably hot June in Washington — today could go over 100 degrees the weatherman says. The heat wave is probably not directly linked to global warming but in case anyone was wondering about what happened to the Lieberman/Warner bill I posted about last week, my colleague Eric Pooley has this great wrap up on the bill’s …

Kennedy’s Unfinished Agenda

Here’s a web story on Kennedy’s very full plate. In researching about brain tumors I came across some interesting, if not terribly relevant to Kennedy’s case, tidbits from the Senate Historian’s Office. There have been at least two other senators this century who also suffered from tumors, unfortunately both died in office.

The …

UPDATE2: The Other Race to Watch

Following up on Karen’s update. The really interesting character in this is McCain, who recorded robocalls for Davis but didn’t personally visit. The Dem victory calls into question McCain’s coattails, as Gingrich warned, but it also makes me wonder why McCain’s been immune to the backlash against the GOP thus far in national …

The Other Race To Watch Today

While most folks (okay, those of us political geeks who can’t get enough) will be riveted tonight to the returns in West Virginia, there is another election worth watching tonight: the Congressional race in Mississippi’s First district to replace Roger Wicker, who left to fill Trent Lott’s Senate seat. This is a district that …

Pelosi Warns of “Spill Over”

A very interesting e-mail appeal from Nancy Pelosi for money.

Dear Friend,

Here’s what you and I can’t let happen. We can’t allow the tension and pressures of a spirited Presidential contest to spill over and harm hard-working Democratic candidates running to strengthen our Democratic majority in the House.

I will do whatever it takes

Pelosi for Obama?

An interesting endorsement for Obama today. Pelosi’s BFF George Miller, a fellow Californian who chairs the House Education and Labor Committee, announced today he’s endorsing Obama .

Pelosi has so far stayed out of the race. But when her top advisor who also happens to be a famous champion of women politicians endorses Obama, does it …

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