Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley is a senior correspondent for TIME. He previously covered domestic politics and foreign policy for The New Republic, and was also a reporter at the Boston Globe. He has also written for such publications as New York magazine, GQ, Slate, and the New York Times magazine.

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Against Debates

The closing days of the midterm campaign have brought us a plethora of debates between the candidates. And as is so often the case, these late-hour showdowns seem to all sound and fury but produce almost nothing useful for a confused voter. In fact, they mostly contribute to the relentless silliness of our campaigns and the impulse …

How Bad Is it for Democrats?

When you think of an ideal Republican candidate to run in rural North Carolina against a seven-term Blue Dog incumbent Democrat, a few qualities don’t spring to mind. Among them are:

–A Manhattan-born former Goldman Sachs trader

–Someone who has only lived in the district for six years

–Once accused of premeditated …

Democracy in America

An apparent first from Republican challenger Van Tran in a nasty California House race:

Tran is sending out a scratch-and-sniff direct mail piece attacking [Democrat Loretta] Sanchez that features a hideous odor emanating from it.

Much like magazine perfume advertisements, the mailer says, “Open for a fragrance sample of

Are We Winning or Losing in Afghanistan?

To follow up on Mark’s Afghan update, we are in a strange phase of the war right now where news accounts–sometimes within the same outlet in the same week–paint contradictory pictures of whether we’re winning or losing. A few days ago we were hearing that peace talks with the Taliban were growing more serious, in part because we were …

Obama Reads Joe

My colleague will be too modest to brag, but a new GQ profile of Robert Gibbs singles out someone on Barack Obama’s reading list with whom Swampland readers may be famililar:

Obama does reserve a certain respect for opinion writers such as Tom Friedman and David Brooks of The New York Times, Jerry Seib of The Wall Street Journal, E.

Be Careful What You Wish for, Mr. Karzai

Hamid Karzai, confronted with an extremely embarassing story, angrily lashes out against the U.S.:

Mr. Karzai made his remarks during a rambling, sometimes incoherent appearance at a news conference during which he accused the United States of funding the “killing” of Afghans by paying thousands of gunmen at private security

Torture Chamber

The NYT‘s excellent Peter Baker writes today about the silver lining for Barack Obama if the Congress should go Republican. A GOP Congress, after all, could be a useful foil for an embattled Democratic president (much as Bill Clinton stepped on the back of the Gingrich-Dole Congress as he climbed back to popularity after 1994).

The …

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