Prisoner of War

Some background that helps tell Sgt. Linley’s story

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Courtesy Bill Franklin

Marine Sergeant William David Linley in Iraq, 2004

We publish David Linley’s story in Time’s print edition this week, here. The one-time sergeant gave 17 years of his life to the Marine Corps, in four different war zones. But he snapped after coming home from Iraq for the final time. He’s now serving a 16-year sentence in an Illinois prison for shooting up his neighborhood, a standoff in which no one but Linley was hurt. What happened to him shows how inadequate our treatment of veterans can be.

Some key documents in his case include the police report of the event, the appellate court’s decision ruling that Linley’s sentence was proper, and his appeal to the governor seeking clemency. We also cite a 2013 psychology paper on post-traumatic stress disorder and incarceration rates among post-9/11 vets, and a 1987 study on the “reactivation” of PTSD among combat veterans.

To hear Linley tell a bit of his story, click here.


YES, you can HELP!!
Sgt. Wm. "David" Linley's case has gone through the Clemency Hearings and landed on the desk of Governor Pat Quinn. We, David Linley's family and friends, have begun a letter writing campaign to Gov. Quinn asking that he sign the pardon, with 6 years of his sentence served. We are in hopes that if enough people take interest in David's arrest that Governor Quinn will sign. Please help David and his family by taking a moment of your time to sign! Thank you.


Put us through and then act surprised when one of us goes off.


@MikeScott2 Surely something can be done to help this brave patriot who faithfully served his country.  Veterans have been treated like this since the Revolutionary War.  Can we ever learn?