How Romney Can Fix Himself

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Mike Murphy, who advised Mitt back in his Massachusetts days, offers some counsel in the pages of TIME:

He should drop the biography-based message. Nobody wants a well-intentioned accountant in charge when the house is on fire. For the first time in his professional life, Romney needs to stop thinking and calculating and get stupid. The race now is about his heart. What is his motive? Why is he so famously hardworking? Who does he worry about when he wakes up first thing in the morning? Voters may respect his success, but they do not think they truly know him. And while the cerebral Romney may recoil at the psychological striptease this requires, it is how people pick their President in modern America. Romney must fill that vacuum or else others will maliciously fill it for him.

Subscribers can read the whole column here and it’ll be on newsstands Friday.