Predictions about McCain’s Speech

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Some commenters saw in Palin’s hyper-aggressive speech last night a sign that “John McCain and friends are going to continue running against the media.” That may well be, but according to McCain aides, “She did the job… we don’t need to do any more” media-bashing. At least, says one aide, for tonight.

From what I’ve heard, the speech is intended to be biographical and high-minded, reminding the American public of his basic character and goals. It was supposed to be short, as well, but has expanded to about 30 minutes, without applause. It will be tough to top the theatricality of Palin’s presentation — even doing it in the round — I wonder if his team has some kind of stunt planned lest they suffer the almost inevitable criticism that she’s a stronger presence than he is.

And now I am going to fall asleep in my breakfast.