“I Know We Have a 24 News Cycle to Fill”

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“That’s the real goal here, that people feel good about their experience here in Denver.”

That was Hillary Clinton this morning, at a press conference to re-emphasize, no really, she means it this time, THE PARTY IS UNIFIED. Her voice got a New Hampshire-ish crack a few times, as she talked about the “love and support” she has felt from voters. But she was also clearly tired, perhaps even a little irritated, with the notion that she is rallying some kind of shadow convention of her supporters. It does seem like a story carried on more by reportorial momentum rather than that of the grassroots; the actual PUMA convention turns out to have been a pretty weak affair (hilarious write up here). And while I applaud the RNC for finding one HRC delegate who is turning her back on Barack, I suspect most Hillary supporters will vote Democratic — especially if they can think of it that way.

On a slightly related note: I am always worried when a politician wants me to feel good about something. At least at the media party the other night, DNC officials didn’t just tell the losers of the arcade games to feel better — they actually gave them prizes as well. The carnival version of a roll-call vote, maybe.

UPDATE: Video, thanks to C-SPAN’s awesome convention hub website, here:

UPDATE: Also fixed hilarious write up link! Sorry! Alcohol+high elevation=worse than usual self-editing.