Random: Huh?

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“Historians will quibble for a long time as to whether we should have gone into Iraq … that’s a matter for historians.” Quibble? [The Intelligencer]

“They’re back like Indiana Jones. Tuck a T shirt into a high-waisted pair.” [Brand X]

“Paid for by Matthew 25 Network, Matthew 25.org is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Matthew 25 Network is responsible for the content of this ad because we think it’s time for a better Christian witness in politics.” [CBN]

“I don’t care if footage of Obama snorting coke off Scarlett Johansson’s boobs surfaces in late October. All it will do is bolster his standing with white males.” [HuffPo]

“Many websites focused on adult or erotic material have experienced an upswing in sales in the recent weeks since checks have appeared in millions of Americans’ mailboxes across the country.” [Think Progress]