Metaphor of the Day

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On the heels of the California marriage decision, this from the head of the RNC, via Politico:

Donatelli: “Sometimes the generic brand does it for Republicans or Democrats, based on the circumstances. But this time it’s a very challenging environment and it’s not enough just to kind of go down the litany of issues. I think you’ve got to be more creative. You’ve got to reach out. You’ve got to have some really strong issues, talking points of your own. So, you know, it’s kind of like we’re a basic black dress. Sometimes it works. But sometimes you’ve gotta, you know, you’ve gotta have the accessories to go with it. And we need accessories this time.”

Goldsmith: “This is the year to accessorize for Republicans.”

Donatelli: “First time I’ve ever talked about shoes in an interview like this.”

The GOP wants you to associate it with shoes, not guns! Progress! Though I think some shoes should require a thirty-day waiting period and background check as well. Insert “clinging” joke here.