Generals for Sale, Slightly Used

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The Pentagon has released all of the documents that it turned over to the NYT for their story on the retired military officers that play both sides of the analyst/contractor fence. TPM has some excerpts, including audio of, well, a pep rally:

It was an emergency meeting called because earlier in the month, several retired generals had hit the airwaves demanding that Rumsfeld resign. 17 analysts attended the briefing, which featured Rumsfeld and then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Peter Pace. It was a remarkable display of servility, with one analyst at one point proclaiming that Rumsfeld need to get out there on the “offense,” because “we’d love to be following our leader, as indeed you are. You are the leader. You are our guy.” …

Another analyst chimed in to the effect that, though PsyOps or “brainwashing” are dirty words, it was necessary to get out there on offense. “You know what they call PsyOps today, they call those public relations firms,” another said approvingly. Finally, Rumsfeld had to throw up his hands: “You people should be taking notes. I’m taking all the notes!” It sure was an eager group.

The whole stash is here. Just flipping through the PDFs of (the Pentagon’s) talking points is a sobering journey back in time — to see the same exact arguments that are being made today.

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