Shocked, Just Shocked

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• “One of them’s got a chocolate bar that’s been broken into pieces by its corporate owner, and the other’s got a jar of peanut butter, 60% of which has been scooped out and sold to increase the share price for Viacom shareholders. In the TV news business, we call that two once-great tastes that taste great together!” [Tuned In]

• “Just as most bloggers thought at the time…” [Political Wire]

• “Others in the party object to, if not Penn’s disdain for liberals, then his chronic inability to hide that disdain.” [TNR]

• “Women who express anger at work were thought of more negatively than men and were assumed to be ‘angry people’ or ‘out of control’. Male colleagues who did the same were typically viewed in a more positive light and were assumed to be upset by circumstances.” [Mindhacks via DD]

• “When you remove a violin virtuoso from a concert hall and stick him in a Metro station, the nature and the value of the art changes… if the cast of August: Osage County slip into my bedroom tonight at 4am and commence a performance of their play, I promise you, I am going to wake up and tell the immensely talented cast to get the f*** out of my apartment before I punch them all in the throat.” [DCeiver]