Emails Every Reporter Likes to Get

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The Clinton campaign, there with the quotes you need — before you need them!:

A report out of Michigan suggests that the legislation for a new vote is stalled while a proposal is being floated in Florida to address the situation there. [Looking for this.–amc] Below are statements attributable to me in case you’re tracking these stories…

Statements attributable to Clinton spokesperson Phil Singer after the jump.

Considering Senator Obama’s penchant for giving speeches, his refusal to speak out for a new vote in Michigan is stunning. By letting his supporters stop this legislation in its tracks, Senator Obama is essentially writing off Michigan if he is the nominee and the implication of doing that is obvious. He owes the people of Michigan an explanation for why he thinks their votes shouldn’t count.

Considering that the Obama campaign is essentially disenfranchising 1.7 million Floridians who are now signaling that they will vote for the Republican if their votes aren’t counted, there is a very simple solution: Honor the vote that took place in January.

Everyone was on the ballot, no candidate had an unfair advantage (even if Senator Obama was the only candidate to advertise) and it won’t cost an extra penny.

At this point, that seems to be the best option. Senator Obama should embrace it and abandon his current position which disenfranchises approximately 1.7 million people.