Hillary’s Santorum-like Numbers

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Some of you were asking about where the poll numbers that put Hillary’s PA popularity on par with ousted Sen. Rick Santorum. Here they are:

A Franklin & Marshall/Times-Shamrock Newspapers poll in mid-February showed 43 percent of voters had an unfavorable opinion of Mrs. Clinton, the same as a month ago and three percentage points lower than a year ago.

Of course, polls are only snapshots of sentiment at the time they are taken. But consistent unfavorability ratings above 40 percent are dangerous for a candidate.

“The negatives (unfavorability) prevent you from growing (in popularity),” Dr. Madonna said.

By comparison, Mr. Santorum’s unfavorability rose from 32 percent in September 2005 to 37 percent the same month of 2006 and 46 percent the week before he was trounced by Democrat Bob Casey.