Obama’s Cocky Conference Call

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It’s like 12 news cycles ago, but… if you want to hear the “they’re going to fail miserably” conference call: Here it is.

UPDATE: Well that was a Freudian slip of the keyboard if anything ever was. (Please keep to yourselves what it might mean… was actually forwarding it to another reporter friend… but, yes, a pungent counterpoint to the thing I actually meant to link to.) Sorry, folks. Correct link here. (I am loving the book, as I’ve said elsewhere, it should replace the Gideon Bible in hotel rooms…)

BELATED INSTRUCTIONS: You can right-click the link for options, including “download this link” if, say, you want listen later. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the audio file. (Sorry! I’m posting on vacation, being even less scrupulous than usual…)