The E-War: Obama’s Not Even Really Trying; Also: TED DANSON!!!!

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So, here’s the “4:10PM EST HILLARY WIRE UPDATE”:

• False reports about voting problems in LA are being drudged up – Everything is going smoothly in LA.

• Although the weather in NM is terrible, all caucus sites are open so we’re offering to help voters get out to caucus. We have a hotline set up for those in NM who need assistance with getting out: 1-888-472-9465

• Ted Danson called into Fayetteville, AR radio and urged voters to back Hillary today

• Sen. Obama’s health care comments have Paul Krugman seeing RED .

• Who’d Have Thunk It: Major bloggers are endorsing HRC today, including a top contributor to MyDD, the BlogFather of Blogs, and a DailyKos front-page poster.

• OH and TX newspapers are already out with stories about HRC’s decision to accept debates in those states later this month. Read here and here.

Says a staffer for the more reticent Obama camp, “Our goal, to sum it up, is let folks know when there’s something worth knowing.”