Hillary and Fox Debate

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Earlier, I posted about the response of the Hillary Clinton campaign to a question about why they were accepting an invitation to a Fox News debate, having “led” a high-profile boycott last year.

I was typing up another part of my post when the Q&A occured, and, clearly, wasn’t paying sufficient attention:

Josh Gerstein, NY Sun: Hey Howard, how are you? I have a question – you know MoveOn.org a couple of days ago did that poll, its members endorsed Senator Obama. If I’m not mistaken, they also led the crusade to cancel the FOX debate last year. Did you folks take that into account as you made this decision and is the Senator concluding that the MoveOn caucus in the party is not going to be for her so she may as well reach to the center.

HW: No, that’s not true. The effort with regard to the debate last year was more than just MoveOn. It was something that the progressive blogosphere felt strongly about too. I wouldn’t just characterize it as a MoveOn effort. We have a large and diverse party. We’re going to continue reaching out and talking to all parts of the party. MoveOn made the decision it did with regard to the Obama endorsement and that was their decision.

I apologize for the error. Not really in my defense, but as an explanation, I was focusing on how the Clinton people seemed to be de-emphasizing their own part in deciding to boycott the debate.