Cal-eee-forn-ya: Which Android Is More Powerful?

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Romney has announced a surprise swing into California this afternoon; though, at just over four hours, the visit is really more of a bunt. Ambinder suggests that the motivation for the trip is “to either create some buzz about a tightening in the state, or.,..reflecting a tightening in the state.”

Recent polls
do show Romney creeping up. Even more intriguing, there hasn’t been an immediate jump in McCain’s support due to Rudy voters following their candidate’s lead. Rather, there was a huge jump in voters choosing “undecided,” a percentage that had been as low as zero (from the last poll taken with Rudy still in the race), to as high as 15 (from a poll taken this weekend). I suspect those voters haven’t decided who, if anyone, they’re going to break for in the end.