TIME’s next ‘Person of the Year’

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I am sorry to inform you that today is the first day of the end of your reign as Person of the Year. Today is the day we start thinking about next year, specifically, today is the annual Person of the Year luncheon. It may be the only time in history that George Allen will share a stage with Whoopi Goldberg (they both probably like it that way).” Around the dinner table last night, Chris and I (and our gracious soon-to-be dogsitter friend) came up with these nominees (of varying degrees of actual probabilty):

Britney (culture of celebrity/girls gone wild)
Blackwater Prince/Citigroup Prince (iconic American problems)
Justice Roberts
Perez Hilton (see Britney)
Rupert Murdoch
Joel Osteen
Judd Apatow

Who should be TIME’s next Person of the Year?
What are your nominations? An ex-Vice President turned green guru? The fiery President of Iran? Harry Potter’s creator?
-Vote for your choice in our ranking poll
-Explain your choice in our talkback forum.