SwampCast: Obama’s Outreach Outed?

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In this edition, I talk about how both Obama and Hillary face the problem of having welcomed aboard black leaders whose stands on gay issues are not as, well, enlightened as those of the candidate. (Obama’s problem talked about here. Hillary’s has been endorsed by* met with and received glowing reviews from Rev. Harold Mayberry, who’s “preached against homosexuality.”) This is what happens when identity politics bites back.

(I note at some point that blacks haven’t found the same “resonance” with the Republican party as they have the Democrats; I should have been clear that the African-American/Democratic alliance came after the one with the Republicans, who, you know, freed the slaves and whatnot.)

UPDATE: The Clinton campaign says that Mayberry has never “endorsed” the senator. She has met with him, and the campaign did send out a press release quoting him saying

The way [Clinton] addressed the need for the federal government to partner with inner cities suggests that she’s not just focusing on international issues but that she’s concerned with domestic ones – particularly crime and violence in our communities. I want a president who knows how to strike a balance between addressing international and domestic challenges facing this country.

But that, says the campaign, is not an “endorsement.”