McCain in Mackinac

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McCain’s surprise second place finish at the Mackinac staw poll is another sign of a possible resurgence. McCain spoke last at the event, when everyone, in theory should have been tired and bored and, well, decided. Oh, and he lost his Michigan campaign chair just days before. But he wowed the crowd, garnering one of its few standing ovations. Afterwards, says a senior aide, McCain posed for pictures with giddy attendees — a lot of them wearing Romney t-shirts. (If anyone out there actually has such a picture, please do send!)

However, third quarter reports are out this weekend, and McCain probably hasn’t done well (the Washington Times had him south of 4M). In order to make anything at all of his good-will gains, he probably needs to take matching funds, which will allow him to run some ads in the primary states currently holding Romney marathons. The campaign is still weighing the costs of such a move, which would trigger spending caps that could hamper him in the general should he somehow get the nomination.

I suspect that the McCain folks aren’t necessarily thinking that far ahead. Or, if they are, it’s a problem they’d be thrilled to have.