Cheney’s Legacy

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I confess, when I read this:

Dick Cheney doesn’t put much stock in the conventional wisdom that he is the most powerful vice president in American history. In fact, he jokes that he is more like “the flavor of the month.”

My first thought was to create this:


Unfortunately, the pleasure that comes from creating an LOLCheney is overwhelmed by the nagging question: What kind of disgusting, F-d up flavor could “Cheney” possibly be? I don’t think it’s “Chunky Hubby.” Yellowcake Batter Swirl? “I’d Tell You the Flavor But I’d Have To Kill You” Mint? [Redacted]? Shoot-an-Old-Man-In-the-Face’n’Cream, maybe. Oh, I know: Super-fudge Oil Chunk, with Tortured Prisoner Tears.