Daily Jumble: Millionth iPhone Free Edition

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• Retired general pronounces: “Up until this week, it was Rumsfeld’s war… Now, for better or worse, it’s Dave [Petraeus]’s war.” Maybe. But maybe Boehner wouldn’t consider casualties a “small price” if he — and others — realized it’s our war. Some of us more than others. [WP]

• Funny, this refers to representatives, not troops: “Deadliest Congress in decades.” A small price? [Politico]

• You have to almost admire Bush for nominating Ted Olson for AG. He’s not even trying to pretend he cares about making progress with congress. Much like with Iraq! [TPM]

• “Far-fetched” and “surreal”: How the authors of the NCO op-ed in the Times described progress in Iraq, equally descriptive of the fact that they’ve now made the greatest sacrifice in service of that policy. One could add “tragic” as well. [Slate]

• Clinton: “You know, it’s kind of like being President—you want to make it as big as you can without breaking the skin.” Uh-huh. [NYer]

• Hodge is the Man: