Quien Es Mas Macho?

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Obama’s Spanish translator, that’s who. I only caught a few minutes of last night’s Univision debate, but that was enough to notice that Univision seemed to have contracted different translators for each candidate, and they sounded as though they were trying to pass along personality as well as meaning. Obama’s guy was smooth and hip sounding, Edwards’ sounded vaguely Southern (really!), Hillary’s was so authoritative yet feminine I think Hillary should consider having her speak ALL of her lines, even those in English.

Am looking around for clips but can’t seem to find them.

MSNBC has a good wrap-up of the debate’s actual substance coverage.

UPDATE: SUBSTANCE, they say they want, SUBSTANCE. It’s true, commenters, the MSNBC lnk is more a look at coverage, not substance, and there is a difference. I’m still looking for clips.