Broderism Apostasy!

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I had been choosing to believe that the Politico’s Andrew Glass’s defense of Broderism was some kind of elaborate practical joke. They’re both in the Gridiron Club, after all, and those guys are, like, always hazing each other and stuff (“Tell Balz to ask if W has Prince Albert in a can!” “Somebody made Novak drink non-virgin blood!”). It took Gawker’s Alex Balk to make an actual joke about it to prove to me that the column itself is simply sad:

Yesterday on the Politico website, Andrew Glass posed a query about Washington Post columnist David Broder, who is known as “the dean of the Washington press corps” because his early columns about how he could see good arguments on both the Loyalist and Whig sides during the revolution set the template for evenhanded analysis that exists to this day. Glass’ question is, in fact, related to that evanhandedness. Why, if Broder is so “relentlessly centrist,” do so many people hate his [bleeping] guts and vomit blood every time they read his meandering advocacy of the status quo?