Daily Jumble: Clinton Sniping-Free Edition

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• This is not the Iraq report you’re looking for. [WP]

•Liveblogging the illegal wiretapping case: “Plaintiffs acknowledge that the room is central to their case and that they don’t know what is going on in that room. Something else could be going on in that room. Just to pick one, it could be FISA court surveillance in that room.” (Bertrand Russell rolls in grave.) [Threat Level] and [TPM]

• Oliver North thinks journalists in Iraq have it easy. Do his claims pass the smell test? “Seeing as how [North] talks about the ‘clean water’ that is now available to the people of Mesopotamia … perhaps they would be willing to put the Fox News FOB on the Baghdad water supply system for a month?” [Altercation]

• “I realize that what goes on inside the Beltway can get pretty nuanced, but, as a general rule, when you are asserting someone’s power and influence, it’s generally best not to base your assertion on anything even remotely resembling a comparison to Colin Powell.” [HuffPo]

• Huckabee is stealing McCain’s base: “Huckabee knows that the press still cricks its neck toward conservative evangelicalsm and so he plays against type: he knows that the press doesn’t like to hear about the evils of homosexuality or the perils of abortion, so he rarely talks about those subjects.” [Ambinder]

• “The report identifies mosques, bookstores, cafes, prisons and flop houses as what it calls ‘radicalization incubators’ that provide ‘extremist fodder or fuel for radicalization.’ What would Thoreau do?” [Boing Boing]

• Mitt versus Rudy in competitive linguistic gymnastics. [Eye on 08]

The Daily Show gets to know Dick.