Daily Jumble: Primary Calendar Speculation-Free Edition

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• Yeah, the MSM takes the new media real seriously now: “The Blogs Are Alive With the Sound of Angry Democrats “[NYT]

• Who’s the metrosexual now? “Mr. Edwards’s total fell short of the $767,676 that Mr. Giuliani received from ‘the gayest ZIP Codes,’ the Blade said.” And other excerpts from the Gay Agenda. [WSJ]

• Altercation’s “Major Bob” (now a lieutenant colonel) looks at the Beauchamp fracas: “I am an infantryman, and like Beauchamp, I write.” Something Bateman’s said that’s not in the piece: If TNR had demanded that Beauchamp first tell a superior officer about what were clear violations of the UCMJ before considering publishing them, they wouldn’t be in the position they are now. (You wouldn’t let someone write about a robbery they witnessed without having reported it to the police… and you’d find out pretty quickly if it didn’t happen.) [CCJ] A veteran’s perspective: “Beauchamp’s tale was neither believable nor patently untrue on its face.” [Slate]

• I’m starting to think Huckabee is the actual John McCain of 2008: low numbers, high scores with the media, charming, and, apparently willing to tell his party some unpopular truths: “Let’s Stop Being the Party of Plutocrats.” [TPM]

• Tim Walz and the future of the freshman Ds: “As for the war, he concedes that he continues to have a ‘sense of frustration’ because the Democrats have not been able to do more to alter Bush’s strategy. ‘But every veto, every threat of veto from the president,’ he said, pushes the administration further from the wishes of the American people.” [WP]

• Make John Edwards angry. You would like John Edwards when he’s angry. “It made me mad…I mean, I was outraged. I think all of us should be outraged. This is just one of just millions of stories that I could feel inside of me. Enough is enough!” [AP/ABC]

• Jon Stewart is moved by Romney’s sons heroic mission to make Iowa safe for their father.