LIVEBLOGGING: Soaking Soldier Field in the Name of Democracy

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Dems debate. Ish.

7:03 PM Hello, welcome to “one giant job interview.”

7:04 They are all sweating. A lot.

7:05 PM I don’t think they can hear Olbermann. There is no proof positive that Dodd heard a single word. He took a question about the infrastructure and, you know, talked about Iraq.

7:07 PM HRC hearts Chicago sports teams! And jowls! 9/11!

7:09 PM Apparently this Obama fellow hearts both Chicago sports teams AND the unions. Crazy talk for this crowd. Daring. Chemical plants. Things that have already been discussed.


7:11 PM Biden said something about all of US living in aluminum tubes and HE’S YELLING. Clearly he wins.

7:12 PM Edwards thanks organized labor, and he’s actually sweating. Like his father might have. That millworker fellow.

7:15 PM Kucinich says something about sports and I have to believe he’s the towel boy. Okay, that’s not fair. Infrastructure IS a vital part of our national security and then he loses me.

7:19 PM HRC: “It’s important to enforce the agreements we have.” Except with the people we’re married to. They get some leeway.

7:24 PM I’ll honestly post the next time I feel strongly about something they say.

7:25 PM Edwards will never be on the cover of Fortune. Esquire? Sure. NYT? Of course. Playgirl? They haven’t asked yet.

7:26 PM HRC is “your girl.” Talk about a sympathy date…

7:30 PM Richardson is so much like Homer Simpson I almost want to vote for him.

7:30 PM I can hear thunder.

7:31 PM Shorter this section: China kills our children.

7:36 PM I’m really close to quitting this. Please post reasons why I should continue paying attention.

7:37 PM Richardson: Once we leave, Iraqis will magically love each other. Obama: BOMB PAKISTAN. Biden: LOUD NOISES. No, seriously, I love how Biden’s main point is the HE HAS A PLAN. Could suck, but he has a plan. OMG! HRC ALSO HAS A PLAN. It involves having things succeed.

7:42 PM Edwards refers to what “no one else is talking about” – the possibility of genocide after a withdrawal. Yeah, no one is talking about that….

7:43 PM BHO: “It is difficult to send a message to the President.”

7:45 PM Barack would like to “start stabilizing” Iraq. Because that’s the problem, that we aren’t trying to do that already.

7:49 PM HRC does not want to engage in hypotheticals. Except for the whole “woman elected president” thing. Also, even you WANT to bomb another country, you SHOULDN’T SAY IT, okay? Shhhhhh with the bombing!!!! Serious people hate saying things that they are actually considering doing.

7:56 PM Question about mine safety. Says Biden: “It’s already part of US intelligence that we bomb mines!” Or Pakistan. Whatever. He’s on the foreign relations committee.

8:03 PM Edwards: Let’s treat CEOs and chairmen like we treat everyone else! It’s true that this approach would end the current healthcare system. He is yelling. He is also winning.

8:07 PM Citizenship, workers, stuff about America. And unions. This is really controversial.

8:13 PM BIDEN TRYING TO TALK. Olbermann stops him. Superhero!

8:16 PM HRC: “In 30 seconds, let me take 15 seconds trying to answer the other gentleman’s question.” You have to admire her, uhm, moxie. In the whole notanswering thing.

8:20 PM Richardson’s VP would not be Cheney. He would be living and breathing. And maybe be a girl.

8:21 PM HRC: She’s a fighter and stuff.

8:22 PM Obama doesn’t allow lobbyists donate to him, just raise money for him.

8:23 PM Edwards is against lobbyists, pro trial lawyer. The question is, who do you hate more?

8:24 PM Biden would consider competent Republicans for his cabinet as long as they agreed with him.

8:26 PM I’m sorry did Dodd just say something?

8:26 PM And who’s that short person?

8:27 PM Barry Bond q! Oooooh, good q! Which is more cynical, sports or politics? At least sports stars are better looking.

8:28 PM Nice Biden moment. A one word answer.

(and yes, a Diet Coke — with caffeine — would have been nice)

8:31 PM BUSH. OBAMA HATES BUSH. Okay, he wins.

8:32 PM Wait, EVERYONE hates Bush. Duh.

8:33 PM HRC: There’s a lot of work for everyone. I kind of think that’s her whole thing, you know?

8:33 PM Edwards is very angry.

8:35 PM Kucinich is the “Seabiscuit” of this campaign. Is it because he’s lame? JUST KIDDING.

8:36 PM But, you know, I’m so tired. Sorry if it’s been lame.