TNR Critic Turns Out to Be Something of a Faker Himself

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Media Matters is having quite the Wonkette-esque week. First, they obsessed about obsessing over breasts.* Now: gay porn. Even better: Republican gay porn. No, wait for it, it gets better: Republican gay porn star and possible crook who was recently held out to be a paragon of virtue. It would be difficult to make up an ending to the “Scott Thomas affair” as insane and hysterical as this:

In an effort to undermine a New Republic article by Army Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp about alleged inappropriate conduct by U.S. troops in Iraq, an article by Weekly Standard reporter Matthew Goldfarb relied on Marine Cpl. Matt Sanchez as the only military source identified by name but did not reveal facts that weigh on the credibility of Sanchez’s attacks on The New Republic article: that Sanchez, whose website describes him as a “Marine Reservist” who is “[p]resently in Iraq interviewing the troops,” has reportedly been under investigation by the Marines over allegations that he bilked private donors out of $12,000 for a deployment to Iraq he never made and that he apparently once worked as a male escort. He has also admitted to having been in gay porn films, a fact he has acknowledged “leaving … off my curriculum vitae.”

Yeah. Smart.

*And I mean that in the best way possible.

UPDATE: More weirdness here. Thanks, Xeno.

Also, apologies for the sloppy writing (sloppier than usual). Was running into a meeting and hit return without thinking. Cleaned up to, among other things, show that he’s just an ALLEGED crook.