Daily Jumble: Bridge-Free Edition

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Kinda light on serious news this morning — wifi problems at Cox-Lehmann HQ limited the surfing. Oh, and I changed the name of the feature so that I don’t feel guilty posting it after 10! kthnxbai!

• Second verse, same as the first: “The GOP message is that congressional Democrats are ethically challenged, practicing ‘business as usual’ since taking over Congress next November. Sound familiar? It should. It was one of the main planks of the Democrats’ messaging in the 2006 election, i.e. Republicans’ had fomented a ‘culture of corruption’ and the only way to clean house was to give Democrats a chance at control.” Of course, the Rs had years to foment. Mmmm. Nice, rich fomentation…

• House approves a shield law for journalists, one Libby too late.

• Rove won’t testify to Congress because it might endanger “the ability of future Presidents to ensure that the Executive’s decisions reflect and benefit from the candid exchange of informed and diverse viewpoints.” Because that’s what the Bush White House is known for,all those diverse viewpoints. Like, right now? There’s a faction that wants to invade Iran in the near future. The other faction wants to do it right now.

• It’s official, the Iraq war can literally not be won, because there is no way of keeping score: “Compared with a conventional war, when we can say that we are exactly 50 miles from Berlin, it is extremely difficult in a conflict like this to find data that shows any meaningful trend.”

• Just in time for Yearly Kos, we learn that Democrats are all internetty! “Overall, the eight Democratic candidates have 39 people working for their Web departments, compared with 18 on the nine Republican campaigns.” (Hm, where have I heard about Ds and the net before….) Also: “The turnout in Chicago shows that the Kossacks and colleagues from other activist websites have taken their place as the newest wing of the establishment in Democratic-party politics.”

• The news of free booze on Amtrak at first got me very excited; turns out it’s overnights only. Sigh. Still: Drunks on a train!

Cubs in first!

• Hey, remember all the trouble with the wiretaps the illegal searches and going around FISA and what not? Well, we won’t have to worry about that anymore. Because they’re gonna put Alberto Gonzales in charge! Wheee! I feel so much lighter and freer without all those rights weighing me down.

• Also: There is no such thing as a shark attack.