SWAMPLAND EXCLUSIVE: The White House Terrorist Surveillence Team, Revealed

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This is why it took so long for the WH to get that letter to Specter:


[Click on the pic for more footage!]

But, get it out they finally did. Thing is, I think anything written by kittens would make more sense:

CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux said the administration’s letter declared that NSA programs other than the wiretapping program acknowledged by Bush are classified and cannot be discussed.

“So what they’re saying is everything else is secret but what he was talking about specifically was the Terrorist Surveillance Program,” she said Tuesday.

That doesn’t even sound like English to me. “Everything else is secret but what he was talking about…” Huh? Colorless green dreams ideas sleep furiously, indeed.

Wiretapping kittens via boing-boing.

*thanks for the correx… was going from memory.