More Mitt and the Mutt

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Yesterday, Mitt told Pittsburgh reporters that Seamus the Setter “loved” his 12 hour open-air thrill ride on top of the family station wagon and that he “liked fresh air.” If all the Romneys express their love for fresh air the same way as Seamus, I think his administration might have a more immediate enivornmental pollution problem than global warming on its, uhm, hands.

Also this explains why the Gov has no problem with waterboarding, no matter if the detainees react in a similar Seamus-ian way. It’s like a refreshing swim!

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[T]he whole incident did answer one question for me. Reading another Globe profile of Mitt back in 1994, I learned that one of the Romney family’s 1980s routines had been to gather in Mitt and Ann’s bedroom each night to say their prayers together. Another family dog from that era, a yellow Labrador named McKenzie, would join them, putting her paws up on the bed in mock prayer, Ann told the Globe.
What was McKenzie praying for?

A flea collar? No, not a dog of her preppy pedigree.

Perhaps as simple a blessing as a pat on the head from Ann?

Or maybe just a delicious dog biscuit before bed?

It has long been a mystery, but now I think I know.

“Please, please, please, oh Lord, render my master too busy with business to take a vacation this summer.”