Thompson’s Lobbying

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Thanks to the commenter who pointed out this article:

After a review of lobbying records and Thompson’s tax returns, The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal reported in 1994 that he earned $507,000 from lobbying in 1975-93. That figure, a fraction of his total legal income, reflects a narrower definition of lobbying than the one in the current law.

I’d love to know what what he made using the more generous definition, but, as I said earlier, the amount of money is less the point than the fact of having been a lobbyist. Post Abramoff era, isn’t having “lobbyist” anywhere on your resume just a little less toxic than, I dunno, “NORML”? Actually, given the lack of reaction to Obama’s admitted drug use, lobbying is probably LESS acceptable than drug use… Unless you’re Fred Thompson and smell so pretty