The Fred-Dick Connection

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And I’m not talking about Lorrie Morgan. From the comments:

amber: way back on some thread last week, I posted a Picture of Pres. Gerald Ford to be compared to Fred. The born-again Nixon virus. Which lead me to the “Pardon me, Fred” handle.

I also speculated that Fred was holding off announcing, that when Sept. before the Oct. filing deadline, that the Iraq report would be so bad that they would need a big distraction. The resignation of Cheney and the appointment of Fred.

This a real hat trick:
1. Cheney gone
2. Distraction
3. Pardon Me, Fred installed to now run as a sitting VP for Pres. in 08

Seems to me that no MSM story (WaPo’s Cheney review) is a set up to blame Cheney and get the rest of the ‘know nothings’ off the hook.

Fascinating stuff! But what’s with going by “linda,” Ms. Quinn? Is the the Newsweek/Washington Post thing? Promise we won’t tell!